Hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail; what motivates you to live a healthy lifestyle? PC: @gabi_maudiere


Hey there! My name is Gabi, and my writing is all about uncovering the secrets and the stories around what it means to live a healthy, balanced, and sustainable life. There are no rules when it comes to, “being healthy”, and I think a lot of people forget that…including me.

While ultra-trail running is my true love, it’s impossible for me to do that without a healthy dose of outdoor adventure, time in the gym, and many slices of burnt toast. The point is, nothing in life requires you to be black and white, so my writing won’t be either.

There are a host of things I adore talking about, a few of which include why dark roast coffee is superior to light, what books you should pick up and read immediately, and why eating meat won’t destroy the planet but why knowing where it’s coming from will do a lot in terms of protecting it. 

I’ll try my hand at nearly anything with an aim to explore, share, and educate others. 

This website was made to connect and inspire people to live a little healthier and move a little more.