A Year in Review

Are you there, 2019? It’s me, Gabi.

Jokes aside, 2019 didn’t start off glamorously. I wasn’t at a fancy New Year’s Eve party, sipping champagne or white white counting down the minutes of 2018 alongside a multitude of drunk strangers. Rather, I was at home, keeping to my schedule of antibiotics, playing scrabble with my boyfriend. While perhaps not “glamorous,” my year started next to someone who makes me genuinely happy to be alive, and extremely grateful for my health (despite contracting a gnarly virus from our adventures in Kauai), and that’s perfectly alright with me.

As the new year is in full effect, I’m sure, whoever you are, have been inundated with New Year’s resolutions, gym memberships, diet plans, or even just goals being thrown at you from peers, friends, colleagues, and coworkers. And while I can’t totally admit I’m not one of those annoying people vowing to “be my best self,” in 2019, I do think that the new year brings along with it a new energy that somehow announces to the world that change is possible. I think it’s unrealistic to follow a new regime perfectly, but I certainly think it’s permissible to feel excited about a new way of doing things.

So here’s my spin. 2019 is the year of real, actual change for me. I’m graduating college in the spring. My favorite question at the moment is, “what are you doing once you graduate?” It’s been posed and repeated by many a friendly people, and one that I’m actually scrambling to figure out. So if you know me, and you ask me that, be prepared for a boring answer. Aside from hurling myself into the corporate jungle, I’m also looking forward to looking after myself. For whoever has followed this blog for long enough, you’ll be shocked to read that I actually haven’t been doing such a great job at this.


I am a very bad, very anxious hypochondriac. From pretty much every disease under the sun, I think I have it. It’s exhausting. In addition to this made up fear of illnesses, I’ve also been dealing with a very real, very intense pain in my right side, pelvic/hip area. As a result of a conversation I had with a doctor looking at an image of the nerves running down my leg, I’ve decided to take a step aside from uber strenuous activity. Until my body is ready, I’m not going to force the miles. A chill 5k or an easy hour on the trails sounds perfect.

So bring on a 2019 filled with books, getting bendy, and learning how to finally do a pull up. Bring on a year of patience, kindness, to others and to myself, of growth and of curiosity. Bring on a year of change, however small or large. And most importantly, bring on a year of happiness. 

To you, dear reader, thank you for being a part of my journey. Thank you for being patient while I figure out how to navigate through this world that may not be as confusing to you, but can be one tricky sun of b+@h for me. And yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

All the best, 



About the author

Gabi Maudiere enjoys eating rice cakes (smothered in crunchy peanut butter) despite popular criticisms and adheres strictly to the notion of reading before bed, even if it's just half a page before falling asleep.