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Let food be food.

While I have mixed feelings about sharing my food choices on the internet, I lean more towards being in favor of it (as I have previously written a What I Eat In A Day). I don’t have a perfect diet, and frankly a perfect diet doesn’t exist. It’s important to remember that every body is unique and we all need different things. The one universal truth remains; diet’s don’t work. Please don’t fall victim to influencers and websites (or athletes) promoting strict regimes and lifestyles that are restrictive, all-consuming, and frankly very unhealthy even though they claim to be the opposite.

Below is a peek into a day on my plate. I’m sad to admit that in the past I’ve been a bit of a food bully, trying to impose my thoughts on people close to me. Take it from my mistake when I say that no one should be bossy when it comes to our decisions around nourishment. Food is food! It’s a way to fuel our curiosity, nourish our bodies, and replenish our energy tanks. 

Stay tuned for more on the subject of intuitive eating and body positivity; it’s the way forward my dear reader! 


When my alarm goes off (early) to get my workout in, I usually don’t eat breakfast before. Some good pre-workout options if I am hungry are toast with almond butter, a banana, or plain oatmeal. If I don’t eat before, I’ll always eat after, and sipping coffee at our kitchen table with a plate of warm breakfast is my favorite way to mentally regroup for the day ahead. 

Above is my go to;

  • 2 or 3 egg omelet (depending on hunger ques) with arugula and chard
  • A rice cake with avocado and sea salt
  • A side of veggies drizzled with olive oil  


My metabolism dictates I get hungry every two hours. I usually eat a Larabar or piece of fruit (sometimes both) depending on how hungry I am before then, and other good snack options would be yogurt or mixed nuts. While I totally think eating a more “filling,” breakfast is a reasonable option, it works best for my body to eat smaller meals (more frequently) to avoid feeling sluggish and run down as my digestion is about as sensitive as a sleeping baby. Coming from a history of disordered eating, intermittent fasting is not for me, and I would really, really, really advise against it if you feel it could be triggering. 

Above is a the vegan sandwich from the cafe that I work at on campus (and that of which my boyfriend owns) called, Yalis.

  • It’s a roasted eggplant, tahini, tomato, mint and avocado sandwich on Acme whole wheat bread. Absolutely drool worthy, and easy to eat either on the way to class or nestled in the corner of a lecture hall.


I prescribe to a multitude of snack offerings to get through the day. One of my favorites is some sort of combination of carrots and hummus. While tapering for a big race (as I am currently doing) adding more sources of complex carbohydrates is never a bad idea either. 


I really enjoy simple food. Cooking and following a recipe is a patience I don’t quite have, but I do thoroughly enjoy combining whole foods to create nourishing and delish meals.

Above is a really simple dinner that absolutely hit the spot after a long day!

  • Roasted chicken with turmeric, black pepper and sea salt
  • Brown rice with sauteed kale and steamed broccoli
  • Roasted purple and sweet potatoes with coconut oil, cardamom, cinnamon and sea salt
  • A slice of German Rye bread from Firebrand Bakery


Frozen Yogurt: The Real Deal.

Non-organic, sugary laden, sprinkle topped frozen yogurt for dessert! A food doesn’t have to be healthy because it’s organic, non-gmo, local, sugar-free, vegan and artisinal. Sure those things can make foods wholesome and sometimes they can be really tasty too, but if going out to get ice cream makes you happy and feel satiated, I would argue it’s much more healthy than forcing yourself to go to bed hungry or staving off a craving because you’re, “trying to be good.” So yes, a food can and IS healthy if it makes you happy.

Additional Resources.

What to eat, when to eat, where to eat, and how to eat can become greatly distorted on social media and on the internet. The best advice I can give is to keep it keep it yours. You know your body best and if you have questions around nutrition, I would always recommend reaching out to a qualified nutritionist. 

If you feel as though there are underlying concerns of disordered eating or body dismorphia, please seek help from a doctor or specialized therapist. 

Briones Dam Loop! Getting ready for the big dance!

About the author

Gabi Maudiere enjoys eating rice cakes (smothered in crunchy peanut butter) despite popular criticisms and adheres strictly to the notion of reading before bed, even if it's just half a page before falling asleep.